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IV International Festival of Non-verbal and Physical TheatreSaint-Petersburg, May 2017Taking part in the work-shop by Lionel Menard.

Presentation of the Pantomime Diary writen by
Professor Elena Markova
(27th March 2017)

Numbers by her student Ekaterina Varlakova 
open and close the evening.

Work-shops with Denny Dennis
Saint-Petersburg, February 2017

Summer workshopwith Paolo Nani
22-29 August 2015during the Waves Festival, 
Virdingborg, Denmark

THE DRAMATURGICAL GAME with Paolo Nani. Study of the Theatrical Games. Improvisations and games to discover the invisible rules of a good scene. 

THE TIMING. Study of the tools that help one control the rhythm of the performance and maintain a vibrant contact with the audience. 

THE STYLE. Learning to identify genres and blend different ones on stage. 

Сайт фестиваля "Белая маска" (Web of the Festival "White Mask")
Учредители фестиваля объявляют 2015 г. "Годом Памяти" 
В 2014 г. ушли крупные деятели, работающие в жанре пантомимы и клоунады:
Заведующий кафедрой пантомимы АПРИКТа, профессор И.Г. Рутберг (Москва)
Председатель жюри фестиваля, професор Е.В. Маркова (СПб)
Художественный руководитель театра "Комик-Трест" В. Фиссон (СПб)
Художественный руководитель театра пантомимы "Мимикрия" Л. Лешукова (Тюмень)  

Официальный сайт об отечественной пантомиме
Основатель Е.В. Маркова

Intensive work-shops with a great mime
Gregg Goldstone
(NY, the USA)
Интенсивные мастер-классы с 
замечательным мимом Греггом Голдстоном

The work-shops take place in different european countries (Poland, Italy, Germany)
Мастер классы регулярно проходят в разных странах Европы. 

                                          2014 Berlin, Germany 

Mime-intensive courses in Teatr Na Woli
Warsaw, Poland
Ежегодные интенсивные курсы 
по пантомиме в Польше
Artistic Direction: Bartolomiej Ostapczuk
(summers 2014, 2013)
The School of Modern Mime (Each year summer school)

Teaching philosophy

The vision of the program is started in the title, which is: to provide the participants with a curriculum that spans the broadth of the Modern Art Mime. 
An interest is not to teach the style of a singular creator or artist; in fact, the goal is completely the opposite: to meld together all of the essential elements from all the key innovators of modern mime into one solid and clear curriculum.
It will serve the professional artist by providing artistic direction, provide the beginner student with a solid base of training along side of participants who are already deep within the art, as well serve as a center point for mime collaboration for company projects.  

Each year a set of the trainers changes. In general there are 3 or 4 trainers.       



Recommended literature for those who are crazy for pantomime

Литература к прочтению для тех, кто без ума от пантомимы

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