Foundation – August 2008

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Mime-theatre MI MInor is a strong union of four actors who work and create in genre of pantomime. Pantomime isn’t just one of the theatre genres for us, that’s the way of interaction with the world using a simple, universal language understood almost by everybody. That way we see and feel our world!  
Mime-theatre MI MInor is founded on the base of theatre “Uventa” (State Herzen Pedagogical University of Russia, Saint Petersburg) where we are taught drama acting, directing, art of scenography, plastic arts etc. One day we understood that without any words (a word lies in the basis of a classical drama school) it’s possible to express more sincere, frank and clearer. That’s why our own attempts of study the basis of pantomime are taken with different courses, work-shops, private classes that are held by the professionals in the mentioned sphere.  
In our small group we are the directors, the scriptwriters and the actors at one time. Our group consists of females only. But it doesn’t limit us in choosing the characters for the play: a glamour flirt, a strict police officer, a burglar in the museum, a mother with a daughter, a brave sailor or even objects, ex. a laptop, an unusual musical instrument etc. The list is endless! Everything is bright, accentric and full of humour!
The Open Show of our play "Dustfall" was held on 18 March 2011. Now we have a full play, a children's programme and are working on a new project. Besides our theatre is a constant participant of the city events, concerts and festivals. There is a huge variety of sketches which can make you smile at any event: a wedding, a corporate or a birthday party, or any other theme party. If you are ready to collaborate with us be ready for funny musical, non-verbal sketches, pleasant surprises and unpredictable improvisation ours and even yours! 
The actors of the theatre are always on their way of improving at work-shops either within the country or abroad!